George Wood Fibre Cane Polo Mallets

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The unsustainable and dwindling supplies of the worlds manau cane from which traditional polo mallets are made, has only fuelled George Wood's determination to make a superior mallet. The deforestation and enormous wastage of cane in the selection process is just a part of it. The fact is, the majority of cane mallets being made today, are made from substitute species which simply aren't strong enough. The quality of cane mallets in getting noticeably worse each year.

Finally, after 23 years of experimentation, hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs and 84 models later, we've done it!

Two years ago research and development program led us to try, first hemp and then silk fibers in the construction of the shaft in an effort to make the overall properties of the composite mallet more like a cane. Big mistake! Composites are so much stronger and lighter than organic materia

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